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Why Alert Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd.

At Alert Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. we strongly believe “Honesty is the best policy”.

As IRDAI licensed Insurance Broker from past 10 years we are authorized to deal with any General, Life & Health Insurance company on behalf of our client. We are also authorized to do Insurance claim consultancy , Risk inspection and prepare a gap analysis report for our clients.

A Broker represents the Policy Holder and not the Insurance Company.

Our Mission :

Insurance services with total integrity.

Our Vision    :

To make customer experience world class in all aspects of Insurance services.

Role of Alert Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd.

  • Understanding the Insurance requirement of the client.
  • Inspecting the risk to be covered.
  • Advice the right Insurance product to the client.
  • Provide the right add on covers and extensions and explain the advantages of the same during a claim.
  • Advice the client on obtaining Valuation report wherever applicable.
  • Explaining the various deductions during a claim like Under Insurance, Salvage, Policy excess…etc.
  • Explaining the client to ensure that the Sum Insured indicate Re-instatement / New Replacement value to avoid “Under Insurance” deductions during a claim (As applicable)   https://www.policy99.com/fire-sum-insured-recommendation
  • To caution the client on warranties, Sub limits, Exclusions …etc.
  • Providing quotes & terms from at least 3 to 5 Insurance companies along with our recommendations so the client can take quick & informed decision.
  • To ensure the premium is paid directly to the Insurance company before commencement of the risk as per the Insurance Act.
  • To arrange for Held cover letter / Cover note for the client.
Post Sale:
  • Quality check: To ensure Proposal / Final quote slip and the Policy issued are in line.
  • Arrange endorsements from the Insurance company for any corrections.
  • Reminders for monthly declarations & top ups (As applicable).
  • Prompt Insurance renewal reminders well in advance.
  • To ensure prompt Push notification updates to the client during a claim.

Insurance Claim Consultancy

For a client it is very difficult to go through the Policy wordings , Terms and conditions, warranties and various clauses of any Insurance policy and understand what is covered, What is not covered, what are the add on covers available in the policy, what are the exclusions and deductions during a claim.

Insurance claims are all about documentations and checklist which change according to product to product, Peril to Peril (Peril means cause of loss).

IRDAI has clear Turnaround time (TAT) for appointing a surveyor by the Insurance company, submission of survey report, appointing an investigator , submission of investigation report, Role of an Insurance Broker during a claim …etc. The mode of claims payment disbursement is only through NEFT or RTGS directly from the Insurance Company to the Policy holder’s account.

To have a good Insurance claims experience the client must ensure that the Pre sale, Sale and Post sale checklist are taken care during renewing or buying a policy itself.

Still if there are claim disputes it is always recommended to go through an Insurance Broker like us who have in house Insurance technical experts with 30 years of experience in various Products to interpret on behalf of the client.

Insurance brokers like us are licensed by IRDAI to render Insurance claims consultancy to clients who have not bought the policy through us and are seeking for proper professional guidance by experts.

There is a nominal fees involved for such consultancy which starts from Rs 999 + service tax.

The Insurance consultancy fees will be collected only after we study the claim papers. If we feel that the Insurance Company has rejected / repudiated the claim on fair grounds as per the terms and conditions then as a principal we will not charge any fees from the client.

Our Dynamic Claims Team

Akkshay M Nahar B.Com
Managing Director & Principal Officer

Qualified Insurance Professional.
15 years of experience in the Insurance Industry

E-Mail id : akkshay@alertinsurancebrokers.com

K.Narayanaswamy Fellow of Inurance Institute of India
Vice President

Qualified Insurance Professional.
30 years of experience in the Insurance Industry

Venkatesh Murthy
Senior Regional Manager - Bangalore Branch

Qualified Insurance Professional.
25 years of experience in the Insurance Industry

Deputy General Manager - Claims

37 years of experience in Insurance Industry

Ex- Senior Divisional Manager of United India