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No Claim Bonus Rule

As per GR 27 of  Motor Tariff the Policy Issuing office has to write to the  previous Insurer for NCB confirmation within 21 days from the date of granting cover.

We reproduce the GR 27 here under:

“:(f) In the event of the insured, transferring his insurance from one insurer to another insurer, the transferee insurer may allow the same rate of NCB which the insured would have received from the previous insurer. Evidence of the insured's NCB entitlement either in the form of a renewal notice or a letter confirming the NCB entitlement from the previous insurer will be required for this purpose.

Where the insured is unable to produce such evidence of NCB entitlement from the previous insurer, the claimed NCB may be permitted after obtaining from the insured a declaration as per the following wording: 

“I / We declare that the rate of NCB claimed by me/us is correct and that no claim as arisen in the expiring policy period (copy of the policy enclosed). I/We further undertake that if this declaration is found to be incorrect, all benefits under the policy in respect of Section I of the Policy will stand forfeited.”

Notwithstanding the above declaration, the insurer allowing the NCB will be obliged to write to the policy issuing office of the previous insurer by recorded delivery calling for confirmation of the entitlement and rate of NCB for the particular insured and the previous insurer shall be obliged to provide the information sought within 30 days of receipt of the letter of enquiry failing which the matter will be treated as a breach of Tariff on the part of the previous insurer. Failure of the insurer granting the NCB to write to the previous insurer within 21 days after granting the cover will also constitute a breach of the Tariff.