Workmen Compensation Insurance

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Workmen's Compensation Policy is available to indemnify you against your liability to any of your workmen arising out of

  • Injury of employee by accident at the workplace
  • Disease of employee; if such injury or disease should arise in the course of employment

This Policy not only covers 'Workmen' as defined under the Workmen's Compensation Act 1923 but all other employees as well. The Policy covers liabilities arising out of WC Act 1923 as well as Fatal Accidents Act 1855 and Common Law.

  • Exclusions
    • Accidental injury or disease attributable to war, invasion, hostilities etc
    • Liability to employees of your contractors
    • Contractual liability
    • Injury caused by accident while workman is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
    • Wilful disregard of safety rules or removal of safety devices/equipment etc.
  • Additional Benefits
    • Medical, surgical and hospital expenses can also be covered
  • Basic documents required for settlement of a claims
    • Policy copy
    • Claim form
    • Medical Certificate
    • Wages Statement
    • Proof of age - as recorded by the employer
    • Master Roll
    • Any other Information required by the Insurance Company.